Roof painting

We specialise in roof painting in Cape Town and surrounding areas

Henk Meyer and his team specialise in an array of services, including roof painting in Cape Town and surrounding areas. Since we understand that these maintenance services can be quite costly, our aim is to deliver our best and to make sure that we get it right the first time. Apart from its aesthetic importance, choosing the right paint for your roof will also prolong its lifespan, while keeping it water, weather and heat resistant. Our roof painting services are fully inclusive, and include an on-site assessment of the work that needs to be done.

Our roof painting services include:

Repainting the roof of your property, commercial or residential, can transform its exterior look.

Until recently, neutral shades were used for the roofs of houses and business complexes, but with the broad range of colours available nowadays, the possibilities are endless and people are becoming more adventurous.

When making use of our superior roof painting services, clients can expect:


Our team will come to your premises to fully assess the work that needs to be done. We will also communicate with the client to discuss various roof painting options, colours etc. Once the assessment is done, we will issue a quote and only continue with the project when it has been accepted.


The preparation is probably the most tedious part of the entire process. Luckily, we have our own high-pressure cleaning systems available, allowing us to rid the entire roof of mould and dirt in an instant. At HMR we use Plascon’s Waterproofing compound (PWC520) plus membrane for leak repairs. This can be used for the reparation of walls, parapets, small plaster cracks, etc.


After preparation the roof is inspected for any broken tiles that need to be replaced or repaired. Once the entire surface has been inspected, cleaned and repaired, we apply our advanced waterproofing products and techniques. We use Plascon Waterproofing Compound (PWC 520) plus membrane, which is suited for roofs as well as walls, parapets, small plaster cracks, etc. For waterproofing in Cape Town that you can trust, look no further! Contact us for an assessment and quote, today.


After preparation of the roof surface we paint a primer coat depending on the type of roof. Then a further 2 top coats of Plascon Nu Roof Cool or Plascon Easy Living Roof paint will be applied. You will have three coats of top quality products on your roof. We paint according to Plascon’s Specification and therefore Plascon’s Nu Roof Cool comes with a 12 year Plascon Guarantee whereas Plascon Easy Living Roof comes with a 10 year Plascon Guarantee. We use airless spray machines to do the roof painting.This is just as example: Bellsnell.

For superior roof painting in Cape Town, delivered professionally and at competitive rates, be sure to get in touch with our specialised team.

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