Residential & Commercial Painting

Are you struggling to find painters in Cape Town that are affordable and trustworthy?

 We at HMR understand that the painting, waterproofing, repair or restoration of any commercial or residential property can be very costly and that it is crucial to find a service provider that you can rely on… Therefore, we offer highly skilled workmanship and superior painting services to both home and business owners in the Cape surrounds. Our track record, along with an endless list of successfully completed projects, should be enough to assure clients that we are a superior choice as far as waterproofing and painting goes.

We are Plascon paint professionals

We are one of only a few Plascon preferred applicators.

Plascon is our product of choice and we strictly adhere to all Plascon specifications when providing our services. This way, we can ensure that our services are guaranteed, that the result is long lasting, and that the product falls within the relevant Plascon warranty. Why is this important? Each Plascon product carries its own warranty provided that all specifications regarding the product are adhered to. These specifications include:
  • Preparation of the surface needs to be done in accordance with Plascon’s recommended techniques and products.
  • The product needs to be applied in the specific manner specified by Plascon.
  • The correct product needs to be applied to the right surface, as stated by Plascon.
  • The relevant product needs to be used for certain purposes, for example, exterior paint should be used on exterior surfaces and interior paint on interior surfaces only.
  • Plascon NuRoof Cool is applied to appropriate roof surfaces only.
  • Painting roofs with Plascon Nu Roof Cool/Easy Living Roof
Be sure to have a look at their range of eco-friendly products! In a time where “going green” is becoming increasingly important to prospective buyers, it pays to be environmentally conscious. To get in touch with painters in Cape Town that you can be sure of, do not hesitate to contact us for a quote today. Whether a commercial or residential project, we look forward to being of assistance!

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